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More hate and the religion of politics

(The publisher of the Prairie Press in my hometown asked if I wanted to do a piece on this, so, lazy guy that I am, I added some bits from a piece back in October, which can’t be said enough.) … Continue reading

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Acosta vs Trump is a fight that has no winners

It is finally here, that moment in history when journalism became entertainment—reality TV at its worst (as if there is such a thing as reality TV at its best). So as not to paint all journalism with the broad brush … Continue reading

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Democrats bent on spoiling victories

Agency theory is a way to explain the relationship between a principal and an agent. In a perfect world, the agent works in the principal’s best interest. In the real world, the agent works on behalf of the agent. Understanding … Continue reading

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Democrat victories portend impeachment coup

A disturbing movement to change the country’s government is afoot across the nation. This is not the usual midterm gains by the party out of power. No, this movement is a sinister and fairly open attempt to remove a duly … Continue reading

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PC Police making Halloween really scary

The End of Summer is upon us. No, not Labor Day, the official end of summer, but Halloween, the day kids of all ages instinctively know to be the date that signals the arrival of autumn with winter fast upon … Continue reading

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Hate and the religion of politics

A woman I know frequently tells me that many of the posts she sees on her Facebook page come from people who do not have a religious foundation or simply do not believe in God. Politics is their religion, she … Continue reading

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The Holy See’s Blindness

Politics and sex.  There was a time when some of us “seasoned” individuals believed that you could not get enough of either.  Sadly, that is not the case lately.  Politics and sex; sex and politics.  I do not know about you, but it has … Continue reading

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