Kavanaugh hearings: the making of political sausage

Thanks to the US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, America and the world learned why you do not want to see how to make political sausage. It is dirty and nasty, especially when it is hot and spicy. It reminds me of that song that says, “there ain’t no good guys, there ain’t no bad guys, there’s only you and me and we just disagree.”

Republicans failed to advance the fact-finding process by sticking with their talking points that 1) FBI investigations do not mean squat in these matters; 2) four men have sworn they have no knowledge of the accused deeds; and 3) a parade of women from Kavanaugh’s youth through the present praise him as a honorable man, father, and human being. Oh, and 4) the Democrats are using the allegations as part of their threat to block any Trump nomination “by any means necessary.”

Democrats failed to advance the fact-finding process by sticking with their talking points that 1) the hearing should take a vacation while the FBI does its work; 2) the FBI should conduct an investigation into the allegations before the hearing continues; and 3) someone, anyone, needs to ask the FBI to conduct an investigation. Oh, and 4) does the nominee continue to beat his wife?

For his part, Kavanaugh’s testimony also did not advance his cause, except in the eyes of those who were already on his side. He refused to answer some of the easier questions. Instead, he answered all questions with the same talking points that 1) he is innocent of these allegations, 2) everyone who knows me knows I didn’t do these things, and 3) don’t talk to me about an FBI investigation.

For her part, Christine Blasey Ford did not advance her cause, except in the eyes of those who were already on her side. In fact, she expanded the number of potential questions with nearly every answer she gave, questions that, if asked, would appear to be cruel and insensitive to a person who may have been the victim of some kind of physical assault. Any person, female or male, young or old, deserves some slack when no corroborating evidence or eyewitness exists. At the same time, a search for the truth beyond simple allegations and denials requires, no, demands, difficult questions.

How many parents have grilled their kids, looking for holes or truths in their accounts of some event? Yeah, all of you.

So, yes, Kavanaugh and Ford left plenty of follow-up questions, any of which would call into serious doubt their original answers.

I doubt Sen. Lindsey Graham’s statement that he has never seen anything like this in his political career. Maybe not exactly like this, but all politics is local, and there is plenty of sleaze in local politics.

I read Allen Drury’s Pulitzer-Prize winning “Advise and Consent” when I was in high school, nearly 50 years ago. It explores a secretary of state nomination and the growing evidence the nominee was a member of the Communist Party. It is a great primer for the workings of the Senate and for younger people to learn a little of the hot issues during the Cold War. But, here’s the thing. In an attempt to secure the nomination, the president and majority leader blackmailed a senator by using a photograph of him in a homosexual encounter during World War 2. The senator killed himself after another senator leaked the photo.

This nomination is key to GOP fundraising and securing victories in the midterm elections. Ford is key to Democratic fundraising and securing victories in the midterm elections. Both individuals, without parsing every moment of their lives, are fine and descent people who became convenient and unfortunate ingredients in the political sausage politicians and agitators across the spectrum are serving with great disservice to the American people.


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