Scheduled and upcoming shows

The healing arts and the visual/performing arts are two topics we’ll cover next week on Gone to Texas on Blog Talk Radio.

On Tuesday, March 22, at 2pm Central, Irene Hernandez, BS, LMT, will be along to talk about the benefits of these and other forms of alternative healing, particularly for pain management.

Irene’s bodywork studies include Dr. Upledger’s technique for CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Reiki (Master Level), and Pranic Healing.  In her CST practice, Irene includes spiritual coaching with Essential Oil and Aura Soma essences and incorporates these personal blends into her clients’ sessions.

Then on Thursday, March 24, at 11am Central, we’ll talk with someone I’ve known for more than forty years, since our days growing up Paris. Illinois, not Texas or that that other place way over there.

Veletta Forsythe Lill is a former member of the Dallas City Council and the current Executive Director of the Dallas Arts District.  She’ll join us to talk about the arts in Big D and about the current and future state of funding for the arts in Texas and in the USA.

We’re working on a time in the next week or so to visit with Nelson Duffle, a native Texan, former Austin television news colleague, and now a marketing strategist, business writer, and social media consultant at The Duffle Group.

He’ll be along to tell us everything we need to know about social networks and how they can work for you or against you.  We’ll let you know when we confirm a date.

About John David Powell

John David Powell - Gone To Texas is on extended hiatus as a daily blogcast from ShadeyHill Ranch carried exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at We featured discussion of events in Texas and the world.
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