Guest appearances on another show in March

We received confirmation this week for two guest appearances on Together Again, another show on Blog Talk Radio.

Monday, March 14, 2011, in the 6 pm hour, Central (7pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific):  Unemployment discrimination is my part of this 90-minute show that kicks off a three-part series on “ims” and “ists” -gender, age and weight discrimination. Also joining hosts Marsha Dean Walker and Jim Eastwood is author and psychologist Nancy Irwin, described as “an agent of change” who will provide insight about the leaned behavior of bias.

The next appearance on the show is Thursday, March 24, also in the 6 pm hour, with attorney Stanley Lubin to discuss age discrimination.

Both shows begin at 6:30 pm, Eastern time. And, as with Gone to Texas, archived shows are available 24/7.

Also confirmed Fr. Serge Veselinovich for our show on Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Fr. Serge is with Sts. Constantine and Helen Serbian Orthodox Church in Galveston, Texas, the oldest Orthodox parish in Texas. He’ll give us a brief history of the parish and then get into Lent and what it means to Christians in the 21st century.

By the way, the entire Christian world celebrates Easter on the same day this year, April 24. That’s not always the case, because Eastern Orthodoxy uses a different calendar for such things, which means that Orthodox Easter (Pascha) can be a month or more after everyone else’s.  Who knows, we may touch on the reasons for that, too.

Oh, yeah, Great Lent begins tomorrow, Monday, for Orthodox.

Full disclosure here: Fr. Serge served at the marriage of my daughter and son-in-law and baptized our grandson, the young Viking prince of Primrose.

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John David Powell - Gone To Texas is on extended hiatus as a daily blogcast from ShadeyHill Ranch carried exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at We featured discussion of events in Texas and the world.
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