JDP GTT pilot in the can

Here at the world blogcast headquarters of ShadeyHill Ranch, we produced our pilot, or  test, program on Blog Talk Radio: John David Powell – Gone To Texas.  The title comes from a collection of emails I sent to friends, relatives, and colleagues when the family returned to Texas from Albuquerque, NM, where we lived for four years at the base of ancient volcanoes on the West Mesa.

As we sat in production meetings smoking our cigars, Sharon and I threw around ideas about the topics we’d feature, or the possibility of a single theme, e.g., Texas ghosts and goblins. We chose instead, and probably wisely, to start locally and expand regionally.  But, looking locally doesn’t mean we can’t think globally in today’s flat world.  In fact, we couldn’t think of an example that couldn’t have a Texas connection.  If you can think of one, let us know and that will become its own show, because, surely an anomaly of that magnitude cannot go unreported!

Anyway, the test pilot (so to speak) allowed us to see how to log onto our show, take calls, hang up, and archive. I think we did pretty well.  It’s a little rough at times because we had little preparation; after all this was only a test.  But, the guest was so excellent, we decided to make it available to everyone.

Sharon was our first guest, discussing temporal lobe epilepsy and laying the foundation for future shows.  In fact, we’ll continue our discussion on the season premiere that airs Monday, March 7. Check local listings for time.  Or, check back here, which is probably the best.  Or, even better, watch for all updates on Facebook and Twitter.

And, come back here after each show for a recap and links to Web sites and stories mentioned during the blogcast.

Block Talk Radio channel: www.blogtalkradio.com/johndavidpowell

Test show: http://bit.ly/f5sW0G

Sharon’s Web site Surviving Wonderland: http://survivingwonderland.webplus.net

Tentative subjects include: Lent (it begins March 7 for Eastern Orthodox), homeowners associations; Cuban and Latin American issues; craniosacral therapy, the Knights Templar, romance novels, social media, the arts, museums, Texas parks, wrongful convictions, and restorative yoga.

Pass along any ideas for topics and experts and we’ll be happy to add them to our list.

We hope you’ll become a fan and that you’ll share the show with your friends and family.  We’d like to increase the listenership to a level that will allow us to expand from a daily, 30-minute show to a full-blown 2-hour show with sponsors.  It’s not an impossible dream.  At least not in Texas, which is the place where dreams become realities.

About John David Powell

John David Powell - Gone To Texas is on extended hiatus as a daily blogcast from ShadeyHill Ranch carried exclusively on Blog Talk Radio at www.blogtalkradio.com/johndavidpowell. We featured discussion of events in Texas and the world.
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